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Well, had 13 freaking hours of DI today. It was all awesome and fun, and I got a kick-ass hat. That blinks. I worked with little kids and was all extroverted and teacher-y. It was great.

And I have a feeling I'm really sick, but it's one of those things that sits inside you, giving only mild to heavily annoying symptoms, yet can beserious if left alone. But I don't have time to go to the doctor...

Have to work. Dread it. Will forever more. Until I get a better job. Anyone know the hiring age for Border's/Barnes & Noble?
Wow. LJ just decided to post the last three days of my friends' journals on my friends page. Yay.

My neck hurts... Had an awesome time tonight at DI.

Got my pants wet for the second time in as many days... First time was me spilling ramen and the second was slipping down a wet hill, after everything was all melty due to the awesome springy weather.

Umm, accidentally cut someone off today... Sorry to the person in the red station wagon.

Did kind of crap on my Physics test, but hey, I passed, and it seems I'm beginning to not really care about Physics tests.... *shrug*

And since I forgot to do this before....

The player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 Weird Habits of Yours" and people who get tagged [selected] need to write an LJ entry about their 6 quirky habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. I'm a scheduled nail-biter. I will go for a week of two without doing it, but then my nails are "too long", and I bite them down far too much.

2. I will drive with my windows open when the temperature is anywhere between 30 and 80 degrees.

3. I sing when no one's around. Especially when I don't know the song.

4. I can't dance, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

5. I go through random spurts of activity online, but usually just stick to the daily routine of LJ, webcomics and e-mail. However, when these spurts occur, I end up in the backwaters of Wikipedia.

6. I love zoning out. Especially at work. And not while driving. One time at work I was checking this huge grocery order out, and I remember the beginning, and the next thing I knew I was telling the guest her total. And I was all like, "How did those bags get packed?" Then the lady complimented me on my baggin skrillz. And it was awesome, because I so totally wasn't there mentally.

Also, I'm happy because I got a paycheck when I wasn't expecting it, and I'm now doing what many call saving.

I will be getting a laptop "on loan" in the next few days... And once I scrounge up $200, I can buy it. It's power source is weak and basically NEEDS to be plugged in to be used, but it's a laptop.
I fear my friends are dead, for they have not posted in such a long time.

But I will continue to post, even through these hard times.

Umm, been talking with a counselor about how to finance Macalester. Not looking forward to no improv this weekend.

Also now planning to apply for a job at Border's.... and Barnes & Noble. And probably some other book stores.

Not much going on since the spillage in the last post. Had a great car ride today, with the windows down and music blasting, and me singing along to the parts of songs that I knew.

Also sad because I went up a size. Not sad in a superficial way, but when one goes from a 20 to a 22, it's a slightly bigger deal than a few vanity pounds... and it's making me more serious about wanting to lose weight, and hopefully, this will motivate me much more than past things of this sort... and I think it will.

Jan. 22nd, 2006

Went to IAGG tonight after spending amost joyous car ride with my lovely mother. God, I hate that woman. But I got my t-shirt! And it rocks.

Umm, tonight, as all Sunday nights do, make things much better, but they can't undo the damage mom is doing to the possibility of me remaining at her house. Especially since, if I keep my job, move out, and don't ahve to pay insurance, I'm so getting faster Internet for my dad's.

So, I'm good, except for the fact that my sides hurt immensely whenever I move at the waist. Severe pain of unknown origin! Yay!

Jan. 21st, 2006

Well, had DI tonight. First night with a "complete" version of our script. Also, I have bandages on two of my fingers, so typos may abound. I must say I loved DI. We choreographed about half of a stage fight I'm gonna do with another person on the team, and so far, I'm just kicking his ass. All fake of course, but it's still awesome, and fun. Difficult to learn and remember, but that just makes it better.

Have to work tomorrow... eugh. Though I am feeling more like I'm gonna ask if I can do carts... it really depends on who's my boss at the time I get there.

I've hurt myself twice in as many days, and I'm feeling a bit peckish.

Also, I miss all of you online friends. Speak to me! (even though I'm not online all that much =P)

Yeah, I feel dumb.


Not much going on.... Yesterday was fun. Just kind of generally depressed mood right now...

Also now have a key for my dad's house. On my new and improved keychain.

So many people I wish to meet. *sigh*

The song I'm listening to is depressing, yet so addicting, and awesomely made.

'Tis all.
Almost done with When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops? by George Carlin. Funny stuff.

Also, I'm turning sad because crappy stuff is going on in my friends lives and my own, and it seems like very few people have any modicum of contentedness or happiness.

ISM has turned to crap with all the stupid things they're doing and trying to control the students. ANd I don't deal well with control freaks due to my mother's influence. Also, I'm beginning to really dislike my calculus teacher, and the course in general.

HAve officially fallen in love with Invader Zim and it's commentary. Awesome series, and extremely quotable. I could rave about it, but I will refrain from taking that path.

Contemplating buying a DS. Not sure if I should and have fun, or not and save my money. The saving money thing might be nice... maybe.

I must say that life is in a sucking stage right now. Largely because of so many relationship things going on and making me think of my own singleness.

Quote of the day/week/month/year: "Not all who wander are lost."

And once again my belief that I can never be not sick is affirmed.

Don't want to go to concert tonight... doing so to maybe get on my mother's good side (if she has one) so I can maybe go to AD.

Also want to make some drastic change to my hair.... cut, color, relax (though that doesn't usually work and I like my curls), or just something.

Finished a piece in art today... felt good about it.

I have no f'cking idea what I'm going to do with my life. I know what I want to do, but I know that's going to be different that what I do do, and that second part is what I have yet to figure out.

SO, things overall = not so hot, but better than some of my friends, whom I give hugs to now. *hugs*

I need to get rid of some of this energy, and while writing seems as though it would be the perfect remedy, it takes time which I do not have, though planning for the ARPG may go on tonight between me and my brother.

And this is the first LJ post I've made in a while that was typed through without any typos.
Okay, to start, curse lightly snowy roads, and even heavily smowy roads for their slipperiness and danger. I haven't personally had any incidents yet, but a friend has, and.. no good!

Get to go to my dad's tonight until Friday or Saturday.

We decided to change our whole DI script, hopefully for the better, and it's one month before competition.

Weird things going on and all, and good luck to all out there who have finals in the near vicinity of this time.

Bought Squire by Tamora Pierce and George Carlin's newset book. In the middle of both. Both good. WAnted to get The Truth by Franken, but couldn't get both that and one of the other one's with the gift cards I had. Also getting new t-shirt next Sunday, and it will rock.

Have to go now, because dad is at door. Will finish later.

Jan. 14th, 2006

The back of my head hurts when I touch it. I have also been led to believe that I can never be fully free of health issues.

Had the tensest DI meeting tonight sine the time one guy freaked out, ate my face off, then walked out (only to return the next meeting). Also had an improv workshop, hosted by BNW, in the morning. I must say it wasn't as fun as the last year because a) it was only the morning, instead of both, I was solely a participant, and not at all involved int he closing performance or anything... And it was a weird relationship for me to have between not only the teachers that were there, but the two Teen Troupe members who helped with the elementary levels. IT was different, and for some reason I felt like I was thought less of... it's dumb, but it happened.

At least I have Zim to cheer me up.

Also only have a 4 hour shift at Target tomorrow.... probably going to ask if I can do carts. Because carts rock.

Saw Hoodwinked today. It was funny because of how badly it was made. Like, the script was worse than anything I would write and even attempt to be made into a movie, AND the animation was horrible. Parts of the script were added simply so they would have the easiest conflicts in the world. And it was basically the same story four times over, though the second two were more original than the first two. There were eyeballs going through eyelids, and rabbit ears going through the head. And the difficulty level of the "mystery" was slightly lower than that of an Encyclopedia Brown book. The only redeeming quality was the old goat/ram-thing. And his singing.